Thyme Integrative Health Wellness Naturopathic Services

Pacifica CA Anti Aging Specialist, Sarah Rothman, N.D. at Thyme Integrative Health takes an integrated approach to health through preventative medicine, while offering a wide array of therapies and individualized treatment plans. She treats a wide variety of health conditions and offers services for every age, from pediatrics to geriatrics. As a primary care practitioner, Doctor Rothman believes it is her duty to spend quality time with each patient in order to determine the underlying causes of health issues, as opposed to just treating the symptoms. Sarah Rothman, N.D. takes the time to properly listen, educate patients, and tailor each visit according to individual needs. Pacifica California Anti-Aging Specialist Sarah Rothman, N.D. encourages patients to take an active role in their health, and she will do everything she can to help patients live healthy and happily.


Traditional Chinese Medicine and the use of acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of medicine in the world. It has been used traditionally to help promote health and to prevent and realign imbalances. Acupuncture was developed with the understanding that there are meridians that run throughout the human body where energy or qi flows. Acupuncture is used to keep the qi flowing to promote optimal health, alleviate pain, prevent disease, and improve balance and wellness in the body.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Pacifica CA Anti Aging Specialist Sarah Rothman,N.D. assesses hormonal balance for menopausal and andropausal concerns, menstrual concerns, fertility, libido, thyroid health, adrenal health and many other endocrine disturbances. Bioidentical Hormones have the same structure and action as hormones in the human body. They come from plant sources but are considered Bioidentical because of their structure and action rather than origin.

Biotherapeutic Drainage

Bio-therapeutic Drainage is a form of gentle detoxification. It is a process of cleansing the body by opening up the “emunctories,” which are like elimination pathways. It is a cleansing process to enable our body to self regulate optimally. The goal behind Biotherapeutic drainage is to help the body reach a constant state of balance.

Clinical Nutrition

Through Clinical Nutrition, Naturopathic Doctors emphasize the value of food as medicine.

We assess nutrient absorption, utilization and deficiencies in each patient. We also offer dietary education, advice and individualized nutritional plans. We will work with you, offering you ways to improve your diet by teaching you about the medicinal properties of certain foods and how to incorporate them into your life. We also prescribe a wide array of vitamins, minerals and other food based supplements when warranted. We love to give out recipes and handouts about the medicinal properties of foods to help you take an active role in your diet.


There are several different ways to detoxify, and at Thyme Integrative Health, we offer a wide range of detoxification options. These programs range from heavy metal oral chelation type protocols to gentle detox programs just through diet alone. We offer both individualized and group detoxification programs. Individual programs are tailored to you, and we work together to formulate cleanses that work best with your lifestyle and to suit your individual needs. Group detoxes offer group support and group classes such as cooking classes and yoga.

Herbal Medicine

The medicinal value of plants has been known since ancient times, and in fact many of today’s most commonly used pharmaceuticals are derived from traditional medicinal herbs. Naturopathic doctors use botanical medicines in many forms for a wide array of health concerns.

Fertility, Pregnancy and Pre-birth Acupuncture

Acupuncture and Naturopathic Medicine are incredible tools to help enhance fertility, optimize pregnancy, and aid in a smooth birthing process. Sarah Rothman, N.D. loves working with women on their paths to a healthy pregnancy and delivery, and with two young children of her own, she has personally experienced the benefits of adjunctive Naturopathic care and Acupuncture. Clinically, she has seen Acupuncture and Naturopathic Medicine help tremendously when there are obstacles in fertility, during pregnancy, and around the birthing process.


Homeopathy is a school of medicine that has been used in Europe and India for over 200 years. It involves using energetic medicines to stimulate the body’s own ability to heal itself. Homeopathic remedies are pure medicinal agents obtained from plants, metals, minerals, and other natural organic sources. They are minute doses and rarely have any addictive properties or side effects, and they are super easy to take. This makes them a great option for children, pregnancy, and any acute or chronic disease.


Hydrotherapy has a long history in medicine and is an effective treatment in providing relief and response for many health conditions. Steam inhalation with herbs, contrast hydrotherapy, onion poultices for earaches, footbaths, neutral baths, and constitutional hydrotherapy are ways that Doctor Rothman encompasses Hydrotherapy. The temperatures of water, duration of treatments, and the appropriate ways of use in conjunction with other therapies is important and should be advised by Naturopathic Doctors for each individual and their health needs.

Intramuscular Injection Therapy With B12

B12 plays a vital role in health and is an essential vitamin that serves as co-factor for many pathways in our body. There are many conditions that benefit from B12 therapy, such as nervous system disorders, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, lower cognitive performance, neuropathy, detoxification, and many other conditions. It also helps with weight loss, muscle mass, and athletic performance. B12 deficiency is found in vegetarians, vegans, older adults, high  levels of stress, alcoholism, digestive disorders, and smoking.

Medical Qi Gong

Medical Qi Gong is one of the four branches of Chinese Medicine and is an incredibly healing therapy for the body, mind and spirit. It is a form of bodywork using energy, hands on techniques, breath, postures, and intention to help balance and energy or qi in the body. It helps cultivate awareness and can be used to strengthen, purge, or balance the vital force or energy in the body mind and spirit.

Primary Care

Anti-Aging Naturopathic Doctor Sarah Rothman is a thoroughly trained primary care provider, and she is committed to optimal patient care and individualized treatment. Naturopathic Medicine is distinct primary health care system that combines traditional healing wisdom with modern scientific research to offer a holistic, safe, and gentle approach to health care. She is a doctor that listens and takes extra time to help guide patients towards optimal health and wellbeing.


Amanda Basler and Shane David are our two wonderful Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists. Amanda provides psychotherapy to individuals, couples, families, and adolescents. She incorporates the use of mindfulness, creative expression, and somatic awareness to help shift core beliefs and allow greater access to our most alive and authentic self.

Pacifica CA Anti Aging Specialist Sarah Rothman, N.D. at Thyme Integrative Health performs the appropriate diagnostic testing to help patients determine which services can benefit them the most. Her individualized treatment protocols are based of the patient’s genetic factors, medical history, lifestyle habits, and health goals, and no treatment programs are ever exactly alike. As a Pacifica California Anti Aging Specialist, Sarah Rothman, N.D. can help patients that are suffering from hormonal imbalances to correct disproportionate hormone levels. Her customized wellness plans and services have helped countless men and women to greatly increase their health and wellbeing.