San Francisco Natural Hormone Therapy Testimonials

I went to see Dr. Rothman because I had almost no energy. I was depending on coffee and energy drinks to get through the day and I had an extremely difficult time waking up in the mornings. Dr. Rothman was very thorough at our first appointment, asking me tons of questions about my lifestyle, work demands, etc. She helped me to brainstorm ways to improve my nutrition and cut back on my bad habits a little at a time. She prescribed a couple of herbs and supplements that helped me a lot. Within a month or two, my energy levels had doubled and I did not need the energy drinks I had been depending on. I am sleeping better and it is easier to get up in the mornings. I have more consistent energy throughout the day, instead of highs and lows. Since that initial treatment, I have seen Dr. Rothman for a couple other medical problems. In each case, she was able to deduce the problem and provide simple, inexpensive treatments that worked well. I am very thankful to have met Dr. Rothman and will happily continue seeing her for my routine medical needs.
-Lynn A., San Francisco

Dr Rothman is not only a knowledgeable professional, she’s compassionate and takes all the time needed to get to know you and any issues you may have.  She’s addressed any health concerns I have, offered all the alternatives for treatment, and supported me when I needed to deal with medical doctors, too.  I highly recommend her, as a person, and as a naturopathic doctor. -Susan D., Bay Area

Dr. Sarah is truly one of a kind. She knows just the right questions to ask and carefully listens to your answers with sincere concern and patience. My health has improved greatly over this past year because of her. Never in my life have I looked forward to going to a doctor’s appointment as I do when my appointment is with Dr. Sarah because I know I will be well taken care of. Thank you Dr. Sarah. -Josie D., Pacifica

Dr. Rothman is wonderful.  I am new to naturopathic medicine, and Dr. Rothman is a patient resource.  She is knowledgeable and has helpful and specific recommendations on ways to improve my diet and general health.  What sets her apart is her sensitivity to her patients’ needs — Dr. Rothman is generous with her time, always willing to listen and respond to my questions.  She is a great asset to the Pacifica community.  I am so glad there is a naturopath here! -Connie S., San Francisco

Before coming to see Dr. Sarah I felt like I had been going through menopause for the past eight years. I was having hot flashes almost every hour and would have to change my clothes which would become drenched in sweat at least 3 times every night. I was so emotional, I would cry during commercials on the television. For 8 years I had felt like I was in someone else’s body. Working with Dr. Sarah has changed my life. She is so compassionate and passionate about everything she does. She always takes the time to teach me what is going on in my body, and I feel empowered because I can actually understand what is going on with my hormones. She put me on Bio-identical Hormone Therapy along with some female balancing nutrients and herbs and I feel like I did ten years ago. I finally feel like me again. -D. H., San Mateo

Dr. Rothman has been an amazing help to me. I was experiencing consistently low body temperature, increasing inability to lose weight without extreme dieting, and my periods had stopped for over a year. According to my GP, this was all part of menopause and a sluggish thyroid (due to menopause). But the thyroid wasn’t bad enough to treat. Any other symptoms were written off as menopause. Since I also had a growth on my thyroid, I decided to see an endocrinologist. Since the growth had “only” increased 1mm in 6 months, he was not overly concerned. He did identify nutritional deficiencies including B12 (I had numbness in my hands) and recommended a supplement and another thyroid ultrasound in 6 months. Again, according to him my other complaints were typical of menopause.

Then I started research on the internet and read about Wilson’s temperature syndrome. That’s how I found Dr. Rothman. First, let me just say that she’s wonderful. I finally found someone who would actually listen to me and didn’t pooh-pooh my symptoms. She had blood and saliva tested and found out that I had a hormone imbalance. She also suspected adrenal fatigue and possibly Wilson’s. She started treatment for adrenal fatigue and for sluggish thyroid. Amazingly, my periods started again and my body temperature spikes started to settle down. She’s also made some nutritional recommendations and started me on bio-identical progesterone cream.

I’m making great progress – losing weight, feeling healthier, more stamina and energy all thanks to Dr. Rothman. I hate to think that I would have spent years feeling as I did, when there was help available. I absolutely recommend her – she has terrific bedside manner, will take you seriously, and will really work with you on finding out what’s wrong and correcting it. -D.M., San Francisco

I am very grateful that I have had the chance to work with Dr. Sarah Rothman. She has helped my husband to drop his cholesterol levels by 50 points. I have been experiencing menopausal symptoms for the last 15 years – She is the first person to really help. The bio-identical progesterone cream seems to be working. The hot flashes are minimal and my energy is improving – I feel like I am coming out of a tunnel. I strongly recommend Sarah for her compassion and her amazing skills. -S.B., Registered Nurse